Energy Emergency: Macon Municipal Utilities urge customers to conserve energy

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- In lockstep with other state and national partners, Macon Municipal Utilities is urging those within the City of Macon to conserve energy as historic sub-zero temperatures are forcing an increase in energy usage which is placing a strain on energy supply and in some states, impacting power grids. Energy providers in the Kansas City and St. Joseph area have began issuing temporary blackouts in 30 minute increments as a way to conserve energy.

The Macon Municipal Utilities issued a statement today on Facebook stating, "Please lower thermostats to 65-67 degrees and take other measures to reduce electricity and natural gas usage. Due to the cold weather impacting the nation, the electric grid is in a high state of emergency for reliability. Anything that customers can do this week will help everyone. Please call MMU with questions at (660) 385-3173."