State to Carry Out Sentence of Mr. Brian Dorsey

April 09, 2024

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – Today, Governor Mike Parson confirmed that the State of Missouri will carry out the sentence of Brian Dorsey on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, as ordered by the Supreme Court of Missouri.

"Brian Dorsey punished his loving family for helping him in a time of need. His cousins invited him into their home where he was surrounded by family and friends, then gave him a place to stay. Dorsey repaid them with cruelty, inhumane violence, and murder," Governor Parson said. "The pain Dorsey brought to others can never be rectified, but carrying out Dorsey’s sentence according to Missouri law and the Court’s order will deliver justice and provide closure."

Dorsey murdered his cousin, Sarah Bonnie, and her husband, Ben Bonnie, in the middle of the night after they rescued Dorsey from drug dealers attempting to collect debts at Dorsey’s apartment earlier in the day. After he murdered them, Dorsey raped Sarah’s corpse as the Bonnies’, now-orphaned, four-year-old daughter slept in another room. Numerous jurors and courts have determined the judgment Dorsey received is an appropriate and legal sentence for his heinous crimes.