Missouri Legislature Returns to Jefferson City for Annual Veto Session Next Week

September 08, 2023

On Wednesday, September 13, the Missouri General Assembly will return to Jefferson City for its constitutionally required legislative veto session. The legislature will be eligible to take up one bill relating to public safety (SB 189) and 201 line-item spending budget vetoes totaling $550 million for the Fiscal Year 2024 state operating budget.

As the Missouri legislature is currently heavily controlled by Republicans and Governor Mike Parson (R) is also a member of the controlling party, it is very unlikely any veto will be successfully overridden. However, capitol observers expect for members of the House and Senate to have significant discussion on the line-item budget vetoes before they adjourn.

In addition to the formal legislative activities next week, the House Republican Caucus will be meeting next week to select its Speaker-Elect for the 2024-2025 General Assembly. The “Speaker in waiting” concept started many years ago as the House Republican Caucus attempts to solidify its leadership going into election cycles. For the upcoming General Election on November 5, 2024, all 163 House seats will be up for re-election. At this point, House Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson (R-Lee’s Summit) is the front runner to be selected as the next speaker.

Rep. Bill Falkner (R-St. Joseph) has expressed an interest in challenging Rep. Patterson and thus the Caucus will have a formal nomination and vote next week.


Veto Session – Sept. 13, 2023

Pre-Filing of Bills – Dec. 1, 2023

Start of 2024 Legislative Session – Jan. 3, 2024

Legislative Spring Break – Mar. 18-22, 2024

End of 2024 Legislative Session – May 17, 2024