Macon Health Department-COVID-19 and flu testing

August 31, 2022

We are beginning to offer free, rapid COVID-19 & flu testing at the health department for critical infrastructure employees.

To be tested, the person must be symptomatic. They will call ahead for an appointment and stay in their vehicle for the test. The Health Department staff will call with results the same day. We will test everyone for both flu & COVID-19.

Critical infrastructure can include healthcare workers, EMS, fire, law, teachers, government employees, utilities, agriculture & food service. If you have questions whether you qualify as a critical infrastructure employee, you can call our office.

You are welcome to print this flyer and hang in your office or breakroom, but we ask that you do not share with the general public as everyone will not qualify. If you would like me to drop off hard copies of this flyer, I would be more than happy to.

For any questions, or to make an appointment, call 660-395-4711.