Governor Parson Signs Legislation That Will Improve Education for Blind Students

August 08, 2022

Blind Missourians Praise the Passage of the BRITE Act

Kansas City, Missouri (August 8, 2022): Governor Parson recently signed into law SB681 which modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education. Included in this legislation is the BRITE (Blind Students' Rights to Independence, Training, and Education) ACT which was originally introduced by Representative Brenda Shields as HB2150. The BRITE Act consolidates and clarifies the obligations of elementary and secondary schools in Missouri to provide instruction and services to each blind student and makes it clear that none of these services may be denied to a legally blind student simply because they may have some remaining vision.

“In April of 2021, we convened a work group that was made up of stakeholders to address concerns that had been raised, strengthen the bill text, and garner support for the BRITE Act to be introduced in 2022 by Representative Brenda Shields,” said Shelia Wright, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri. “We are excited that this collaborative effort with educators led to the passage of this law which will improve the quality of education for blind Missouri students. We know that given the proper training, blind people can compete in terms of equality with sighted people in today’s labor market. This law ensures that blind Missouri students will have the tools they need to obtain employment and live rewarding and productive lives.”