July 28, 2022

Missouri Beef Industry Council welcomes Sydney Thummel as the new Executive Director.

(COLUMBIA, MO) --- The Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC) is excited to announce the

addition of Sydney Thummel as Executive Director. Thummel will work directly with the MBIC

Board of Directors and will be responsible for all operational and budgetary functions of the

organization. As the Executive Director she will also serve as a representative at all state and

national functions.

“I thoroughly believe that I have been preparing to be in this position for my entire life and am

ready to lead this Council,” said Thummel. “It is an honor to be joining the Missouri Beef

Industry Council as the new Executive Director.”

Thummel is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University where she received a bachelor’s

degree in agriculture business in December of 2018 and will complete a Master of Business

Administration from Northwest Missouri State University in August of 2022. Previously,

Thummel served as the Manager of Membership for the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Missouri Beef Industry Council’s main mission is to drive beef demand and ensure the longevity

of the beef industry through promotion, education and research directed towards consumers.