Macon City Mayor, Scott Bigham's Letter of Resignation

June 16, 2022

April 5 was an exciting day for me. Being elected Mayor for the City of Macon brought high hopes to bring about needed changes regarding the everyday operations for the city. From the first day in office, it has been obvious that I was an unwanted change inside city hall. The reaction and attitude of the city administrator and city council was underwhelming. For the most part, I have been at city hall for a portion of every business day since taking office except for a few while attending to family matters. From what I understand, this was the first big change from the way it was for several years and was highly accepted and welcomed by the employees.

The administrator and city council have taken every opportunity to blindside and embarrass me at council meetings and other meetings involving council members and outside guests. It has not taken long to understand that a large majority of the concerns brought to my attention during the last several months are legitimate and most of the city council members are totally in the dark regarding everyday operations of the city. They are told only what a select few feel they should be told and make decisions based on incomplete information.

I have been lied to and sidestepped on many occasions where I feel a mayor should be involved in decision making. I have been told that I have no vision and council doesn’t know the direction I want to take the city. That is a difficult task when at every corner I’ve been met with opposition and deceit. I feel that a mayor should meet with and get to know department heads. That also gives them the opportunity to get to know me also and improve that working relationship. But instead, I’ve been reprimanded for meeting with them without the city administrator present. The city is further attempting to limit what little power the mayor’s office has by removing wording in an ordinance that pertains to appointment and duties of the city clerk and city administrator. Wording gives the city administrator complete administrative authority over city government along with coordination and supervision over operation of the city plus direct supervision of all department heads. Almost all instances referring to the “mayor” in these changes have been removed, leaving only the words “city council”, including areas when referring to records, budget and financial information which would now only be open to city council. The city workforce is exiting at record levels with more leaving every day and the same story is being heard and repeated as to the reasons why. They feel the city administrator and majority of the council are out of touch with what it takes to perform their duties efficiently and in a safe manner. They feel policies, guidelines, and directives that put employees and citizens in danger are unacceptable and I agree. You are in the trenches everyday and I applaud, appreciate, and respect the work you do. There will undoubtedly be an attempt to spin the narrative that has been outlined in this letter, but at the end of the day, the facts speak for themselves.

To the employees and citizens of the City of Macon, I am sorry that city government has failed you in so many ways. I had high hopes that real change could take place, but until there is a complete mindset and administrator/council change, it will continue to be status quo. These are just a few of the reasons that effective immediately, I resign the position of Mayor of the City of Macon, Missouri.

Sincerely Scott Bigham Scott Bigham