What’s happening at the Health Department the week of March 21st –

March 21, 2022

What’s happening at the Health Department the week of March 21st –

1. COVID-19 vaccine clinic – Thursday, March 24th. We have Moderna, Pfizer and J&J vaccines available for initial, second, and booster doses. Vaccines are by appointment.

2. Closed for staff meeting – Thursday March 24th from 11-1.

3. WIC – certifications on Monday and pick-ups on Tuesday.

a. Another temporary increase to the fruit and vegetable voucher was approved through September 2022. This increase allows families on WIC to get more money to buy fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables each month! If you have already received April’s WIC benefits, you will have to come back to the office before April 1st to get your benefits updated. The increase goes from normal amount of $9-$11 to:

i. $24 per month for children

ii. $43 per month for pregnant women, some and non- breastfeeding women

iii. $47 per month for exclusively breastfeeding women

iv. $70.50 per month for exclusively breastfeeding women of multiples

4. Immunizations

a. Adult immunizations: flu, pneumonia, shingles, tdap, tetanus, COVID-19

b. Childhood immunizations to protect against preventable disease. This is a great time to make up missed immunizations or get ahead on required back-to-school immunizations. Our nurses are our vaccine experts and can take a look at your child’s immunization records to get them up to date. We are able to bill most insurance and have VFC vaccine available for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.

5. Clinical: blood draws, blood pressure checks, allergy injections, ear cleaning and more.

We request some services by appointment and others are walk-in, but we try to accommodate everyone the best we can. Call to schedule at 660-395-4711 or request an appointment online at www.maconmohealth.org/appointment. Let us know how we can help you this week!