COVID-19 Message

by Macon County Health Department

(Macon County, MO) – This wee we announced only 7 new COVID-19 cases in the previous seven-day period which was down significantly from June’s 20+ weekly average. Although this may seem like we are perhaps beginning a downward trend, we need to be careful not to interpret the data on the numbers alone without examining the landscape surrounding the trend. 7 new cases in a seven-day period is great news. However, yesterday alone we received 9 new cases. Last weekend we celebrated our Independence Day and this may have led to less testing. This last weekend we received no notice of any new cases which hasn’t happened in many months. This suggests that very few people tested just prior to and during the holiday weekend.

We know that the Delta variant is in Macon County. Sewershed testing on our wastewater tests positive for the variant. We have also received notice from DHSS that 2 of our residents were confirmed positive with the Delta variant. Not all positive cases are tested by DHSS for the variant. What we know is that the Delta variant is more easily transmissible.

Just a few short weeks ago we reported on the massive outbreaks in Linn and Livingston counties. Their caseloads are now appearing to subside. However, Boone County is now experiencing a high outbreak in cases with 104 new cases reported on Monday alone, and, they have 312 current active cases. Hospitals are again filling up with COVID patients. Southern Missouri hospitals are full.

The Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are proving effective against COVID-19, and effective in reducing health effects and reducing hospitalizations in those fully vaccinated against the Delta variant. All three vaccines are provided at no cost. If you have questions about these vaccines, their safety, effectiveness and potential side effects, please speak to one of the nurses at the health department. Building widespread immunity will be the best way to keep our community healthy and strong.