Passage of Wayfair Legislation Removes Unfair Advantage Over Missouri Local Businesses

June 30, 2021

Governor Parson Signs SB 153, Internet Tax Revenue

Passage of Wayfair Legislation Removes Unfair Advantage Over Missouri Local Businesses

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Municipal League (MML) applauds the signing today by Governor Parson of Missouri’s SB 153, regarding the capturing of internet tax revenue from out-of-state sellers. Known as the Wayfair legislation, SB 153 allows cities and businesses in their community to level the playing field with out-of-state vendors by closing the loophole where businesses outside of Missouri were avoiding local state use taxes.

"This is a big win for Missouri cities, their residents and local businesses," said Chuck Caverly, council member for the city of Maryland Heights and MML president. "The unfair advantage out-of-state vendors had is now fixed. They will simply pay the same level of taxes that our local businesses have been paying for decades, and that money goes directly to critical services such as first responders, street repair, park maintenance and so much more."

MML thanks Senator Andrew Koenig (R-15), Representative J. Eggleston (R-2), Senator Sandy Crawford (R-28), Representative Bill Falkner (R-10) and Representative Jeff Porter (R-42) for their tireless work to craft this important bill. MML also thanks city officials for their diligence in bringing this issue before their legislators and community.­­

“When we share a common goal we can accomplish great things,” said Caverly. “This is a perfect example of protecting our brick-and-mortar businesses and our communities.”

Under the provisions, municipalities still need to have a use tax approved by local voters for the tax to be collected in their community. Another helpful piece of SB 153 is a simplification of ballot language for local use tax propositions.