Letter to the Editor-Kelsey Hinshaw Administrator of Loch Haven Nursing Home

May 27, 2021

Nurse’s Dedication During Pandemic Deserves Recognition

The men and women working in long term care facilities have rolled up their sleeves and risen to these challenging times. While all have demonstrated unprecedented commitment to the well-being of our residents, I am especially proud of Donna Ewing.

Ewing is a RN and unit director of Special Brook Neighborhood and NorthWest Neighborhood here at Loch Haven Nursing Home. Love, dedication, compassion and care are just a few of the words that describe her.

Gov. Michael Parson designated the week of May 9-15 as Skilled Nursing Care Week in our state. The governor’s proclamation begins: “Whereas, the collective effort, amazing strength and dedication of the long term care staff in Missouri has shown incredible commitment to provide quality care and ensuring the safety of Missouri’s elderly during this unprecedented times.” This epitomizes Ewing.

We have had two outbreaks of COVID-19. Ewing and her employees worked odd hours and isolated away from their own families to be able to take care of our family here at work.

The entire facility knew Ewing and her staff were dressing in full PPE, taking limited breaks and working multiple shifts. What the others didn’t see was the holding the hand of a resident who was isolated away from everything that was familiar to them, wiping a resident’s face with a wet wash cloth trying to get their fever to break, tears in employee’s eyes as oxygen concentrator levels were bumped up to ease a resident’s distress – not to mention the countless prayers that left the mouths of residents and employees.

Loch Haven staff have stood strong and dealt with every obstacle that has been thrown their way, whether it be working in other departments or staying abreast of the continually changing mandates and guidelines. They are the best staff in the world, and they are long term care heroes!

Kelsey Hinshaw

Administrator of Loch Haven Nursing Home