The Race to City Hall: Interviews of the Macon City Council Candidates

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- On Tuesday, April 6th, voters within the City of Macon will head to the ballot box to cast their votes for the Macon City Council Election. The competitive races are:

Ward 1: Ernie Lea (Incumbent), Aaron Magers, and Scott Bigham.

Ward 3: Christopher Walk (Incumbent) and Jeff Skjeveland

Ward 4: Greg Wiggans (Incumbent) and Ross Dutton

The Home Press reached out to all of the candidates with an invitation to participate in a candidate forum at the end of March. The event was set to be in-person while also being broadcasted online by students from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. With only four out of the seven candidates who responded back about the proposed forum (Ernie Lea, Scott Bigham, Chris Walk, and Greg Wiggans) the paper decided not to host a debate for this election cycle which has been used in the past to help inform voters ahead of an election. The Home Press instead reached out to all of the candidates with a list of questions to be featured in an article ahead of the election giving the chance for voters to receive a glimpse of where each candidate stands. This article is inclusive of those questions and answers. The Home Press did not receive any communication regarding our questions from Aaron Magers who is running in the Ward 1 City Council Race.


Ernie Lea (Incumbent) Interview:

Scott Bigham Interview:


Chris Walk (Incumbent) Interview:

Jeff Skjeveland Interview:


Greg Wiggans (Incumbent) Interview:

Ross Dutton Interview:

Polling locations within the City of Macon:

Macon Ward 1: First Christian Church

Macon Ward 2: Macon County Courthouse

Macon Ward 3 and Ward 4: Macon City Hall