City of Macon set to finalize upcoming street projects with improvements in all four wards

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- The 2021 budget that was passed by the Macon City Council in November 2020 includes plans for street improvements throughout the City of Macon. Recently, the Transportation Committee met to review the list of streets in town that are being considered for the upcoming project. City Council is expected to finalize the target list and submit the project to bid in April.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is set to resurface Highway 63 this summer and the City of Macon is hoping that contractors working close to town will provide the City with less costly bids since their equipment and resources are already in our area.

“Funding for this project will come from the Transportation Tax that our citizens approved in August 2016. Over the past two years we have seen roadway project completions on Bourke Street and Walnut Street as well as our downtown business district. The major goal of the City Council’s 2021 infrastructure project is to provide improvements in the residential sections of each of the four wards” stated City Administrator Avis Marshall.

The Transportation Committee is comprised of Councilmen Ernie Lea (Ward 1), Jerry Thompson (Ward 4), Chris Walk (Ward 3), and Dick Schlanker (Ward 2).