November 30, 2020 COVID-19 Update

November 30, 2020


(Macon County, MO) – The Macon County Health Department announces 90 new cases of COVID-19 in the county since the last release of information on November 23, 2020. Currently, the county has 133 active cases of COVID-19.

There were 17 new cases reported on November 23rd, 16 new cases reported on November 24th, 16 new cases reported on November 25th, 22 cases reported on November 27th, 9 new cases reported on November 28th and 10 new cases reported on November 29th. No contact tracing was done on November 26th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

New cases include: three males under 19, 11 females under 19, four males age 20-29, eight females age 20-29, five females age 30-39, five males age 40-49, 10 females age 40-49, five males age 50-59, three females age 50-59, one male age 60-69, three females age 60-69, six males age 70-79, 10 females age 70-79, one male age 80-89, four females age 80-89, eight females age 90-99 and three with unconfirmed ages.

The following reflects cases as of the end of the day on November 29, 2020 in Macon County –

133 active cases (in isolation)

2 hospitalizations

12 deaths

722 released from isolation

867 total positive cases