Where is the Journal??

by Sharon Coram

The Journal is very dependent on ads, especially inserts. The advertising pays for the county to get this FREE paper. The biggest contributor to this are the area grocery stores. While we thank them wholeheartedly, we have to wait until they begin inserting their ads again before the Journal can return at full run.

You will occasionally get a Journal. For example, there will be a Journal in the next few weeks with our Annual Town & Country fair insert. This is due to all the great sponsor ads as well as the Thank You ads from the kids who have sold livestock. Without them, we would not be able to publish the Fair insert either.

In the meantime, we have combined the usual Journal content with the Home Press. The Home Press goes to paid subscribers and can be found at newsstands. The subscriptions are inexpensive. Feel free to contact us at news@maconhomepress.com.

At this time with COVID-19 disrupting area businesses in so many ways, we, like everyone else, are trying to adapt to the changes.

Please remember, the Journal is free to everyone in the county and is not included with the Home Press subscriptions, nor is it guaranteed. It is a service we truly enjoy providing as we are able to.