Macon Area Chamber of Commerce unveils #MaconLemonade campaign

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- On Friday, March 28th, The Macon Area Chamber of Commerce unveiled the #MaconLemonade campaign which looks to highlight acts of kindness from local business and community members throughout Macon. "We want to recognize acts of kindness, businesses supporting our community and our community supporting small businesses. During this time of uncertainty we know that our sweet small town will be alive and invested in helping each other but we want to see it collectively and share more positive news on social media," stated the Chamber's post on Facebook. From March 27th through April 17th, citizens and businesses are encouraged to post using the hashtag which signifies the "attitude our community is exhibiting to make lemonade out of the lemons we've been given." By using the hashtag #MaconLemonade at the end of your post, enters the highlight/act of kindness into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Winners will also get to choose from a list of local charitable groups in Macon County to send an additional $50 gift card to. Drawings will be each Friday and winners will be notified via social media.

Several highlights so far have been Kala Baker who has Macon ties. Ms. Baker was most recently recognized on Good Morning America for her viral TikTok dance videos that featured Kala along with her medical colleagues down at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Bernie and Linda Orman have also been highlighted after coming up with the idea of a "Tree of Hope" which looks to spread joy and hope throughout the community by hanging Christmas lights in trees and bushes. Prenger Foods has been highlighted for outstanding customer service and for being well stocked; "Every time I've went into Prenger Foods over the last week, they've been well stocked. All of the employees were obviously working hard to continue stocking and were very conscientious of safety. We are blessed to have these folks in Macon County," stated Amelia Holder. Both Raspberry's and Noland's Catering have been highlighted after both places of business donated over 500 dollars to local causes such as the Food Pantry.

We spoke to Caleb Shoush who owns C.A. Shoush Company about the recent campaign. The idea of the #MaconLemonade Campaign was introduced by the Small Business Masterminds group in Macon which includes eight individuals: Amelia Holder (Emerson Fields), Erin Koch (Koch's General Store), Andee Bush (Macon Atlanta State Bank), Devin Hicks (Divine Therapeutic), Lisa Peterman (Macon R-1), Tyena Bealmer (D-Zines by T), Stephanie Wilson (Macon Municipal Utilities), and Caleb Shoush (C.A. Shoush Company).