NEWS RELEASE FROM: Macon High School

NEWS RELEASE FROM: Macon High School

Title: Macon R-1 High School Back-To-School Information

Macon High School will begin the 2015-2016 school year on Monday, August 24. School will be open for students at 8:00 a.m. with an assembly scheduled in the gymnasium at 8:19 a.m.

Parents who have signed up for parent portal have the ability to register their students online.
High school student registration schedule is listed below:
Tuesday, August 11- New Students 9:00am-3:00pm
Thursday, August 13 – Returning students 9:00am-6:00pm
New students will register in the guidance office and returning students will register in the high school cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to attend registration to sign forms needed by all students. We will need your address, phone number at home and work, and e-mail address.

New High School Staff
Macon High School has four new staff members for the 2015-16 school year. Mrs. Allison Robinson in English, Mrs. Marsha Meeker in Special Education, Ms. Amber Duncan in Social Studies, and Mr. Walter Hollis in Math will all be joining the high school faculty.

E-Mail Addresses
To help increase communication between Macon High School and parents we have the capability to email progress notice grades, end of term grades and weekly bulletins to parents. We need updated email addresses to mail this information to you. It can be an email address at home or work. Please call the high school guidance office to add or update email information (385-5748)

The immunization requirements for all children are issued by the Missouri Department of Health. Missouri state law requires that a child must be totally immunized, according to requirements in the law, before they can attend any school. Therefore, your child will not be able to start school until all their inoculations are complete and on file with the school nurse.
1. Immunization records and a social security number will be required before enrollment
can occur.
2. The fifteen school day grace period has been eliminated. Children in noncompliance
will be prohibited from enrolling in or attending school.
3. All students (K-12) are required to be immunized against tetanus.

Bell Schedule for 2015-16 School Year
1st Hour 8:19-9:13
2nd Hour 9:17-10:11
3rd Hour 10:15-11:09
4th Hour 11:13-12:31
First lunch shift 11:13-11:33
Second lunch shift 11:40-12:00
5th Hour 12:35-1:29
6th Hour 1:33-2:27
7th Hour 2:31-3:25

First bell will ring at 8:15am. Classes will start at 8:19 a.m. and end at 3:25 p.m. on a normal school day.

Students should learn to be prompt. Promptness is a habit and should be learned by the student that it is their responsibility to be at an assigned place at an assigned time. In most cases there is no excuse for tardiness. Students are given four (4) minutes to get from one class to another. If a student arrives in class after the tardy bell has rung he/she is to be admitted to class with a hall pass.
Each student will be allowed a total of seven (7) tardies per semester. If a student has an eighth (8) tardy, that student will be assigned to an after school detention held one afternoon a week, if needed. The after school detention will start promptly at 3:30 and be over at 4:30. You must be on time, if you are tardy to this detention you will not be allowed to attend. If a student doesn’t serve the assigned after school detention after seven (7) tardies, they will receive one (1) day Saturday Morning Detention. Students will be given a choice of serving their after school detention this week or next. If a student misses an assigned after school detention, they automatically will receive one (1) day Saturday Morning Detention unless exceptional circumstances apply. This will be evaluated individually by the building principal. The principal may opt to reschedule the detention for the student. After eight (8) tardies – a student will serve another after school detention for every fifth tardy. (For example: at 8, 13, 18 etc. tardies). This policy will be in effect for all classes, including classes for no credit (example: Teacher Assistants) Tardies are disciplined per semester.

Level one: 8 tardies one after school detention
Level two: 13 tardies one after school detention and 1 day Saturday Morning
Level three: 18 tardies one after school detention, one day Saturday Morning
Detention 1 day of In School Suspension (ISS)
Level four: 23 tardies 2 days ISS
Level five: 28 tardies 3 days ISS for this and any more subsequent levels of
violation for being tardy.
If a student misses an assigned Saturday Morning Detention: the first time they will receive 1 day In School Suspension (ISS). The second missed Saturday Morning Detention will result in making up the missed Saturday detention plus one day In School Suspension (ISS). If you miss the rescheduled Saturday detention you will be assigned a second day of In School Suspension. If you miss a third or more Saturday Morning Detention it will result in 3 days of In School Suspension (ISS).

All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes. This is necessary for each student to obtain maximum benefits from the instructional programs and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. There is a direct relationship between poor attendance and failure to achieve in school. The purpose of this attendance policy is to assist in assuring that each student at Macon High School and Macon Area Career and Technical Education Center receive the best educational experience possible.
• Students may not be absent for more than 8 total days or 8 periods from any one class in a semester to earn credit for the class. Any absence except for school sponsored activities will count towards the 8 times a student can miss class and still earn credit.
• Doctor excused absences will count against the attendance policy. However, if a student exceeds the 8 days allowed, doctor excuses will be considered during the appeal process. The doctor excuse should include the time of the doctor appointment. Going to the doctor does not automatically excuse you for the entire day. We expect students to return to school immediately after their appointment is over.
• The school day is divided into seven 54-minute periods. Students arriving to class at least 10-minutes late or leaving 25-minutes early will be considered absent for the entire period.
• Any student exceeding the 8 total days or 8 class periods in a semester will not earn credit for that class. If a student maintains a passing grade in the class, a “N/C” (no credit) will be placed on their official transcript. If a student receives an “F” for a grade in the class, an “F” will be placed on their official transcript.
• When a student exceeds 8 absences in a class(es) they may restore lost credit by attending Saturday make up sessions. A student may attend a Saturday make-up session and regain one day towards the attendance policy requirements for each Saturday session he/she attends. A Saturday make-up session runs from 8-11. Students must be on time and must stay the entire time to make up a missed day of attendance. If a student is one hour over in one class they may go to an after school detention. One after school detention (one hour) is equivalent to making up one hour of absence. If a student is over the attendance policy in two or more class periods they will be required to attend a Saturday detention to restore credit for the hours exceeding the attendance policy.
• Students will need to make up all work when they are absent. Students are given one day for each absence to make up their work. The counselor’s office will collect homework for students who have missed more than one day of class. If a student misses one day of attendance they should check with their teachers before school the next day to get their assignments.
• Students absent from school due to a school-sponsored activity will not be penalized for that absence; however, they are expected to makeup all work missed.
• When a student has missed his/her 5th absence per semester, the school will notify the parent in writing/email that the student is in danger of failing to earn credit due to excessive absences.
• With a student’s 9th absence in a semester, the parent or legal guardian will be informed in writing by the principal or Career Center director of the “no credit”. A requirement to appeal losing credit in a class(es) is to attend at least one Saturday make-up session to make up a day of absence or one after school detention if it is only one class the student exceeds the limits set by the attendance policy. Any student who exceeds the 9 absences and receives a no credit must appeal within ten school days. Appeals should be turned into the high school principal. An appeal’s committee will consist of a high school or career center administrator and two guidance counselors. Appeals will be considered only on the basis of medical records, emergencies, or special circumstances (for example: surgery during the semester). Loss of credit due to truancy is not a valid basis for appeal. The attendance committee has the power to reestablish credit or establish guidelines by which the student can receive credit. All further appeals must be made in writing to the Superintendent within ten school days.
• In the case of pre-arranged extenuating circumstances, the high school principal may waive the 8 day attendance policy requirements.
• The attendance policy goes by the semester. A student can miss up to eight days each semester without losing credit.
• Students that exceed the attendance policy in the final two weeks of the semester that want to recover their credit must meet with the principal to set a schedule to make up the days missed in a timely manner. This schedule should be set and agreed on by the student and principal. If the student does not attend a scheduled Saturday agreed to by both student and principal they will not be able recover their credit. Unique circumstances that cause a student to miss will be considered in rescheduling a Saturday make up session.
• Students will not be permitted to leave school grounds once they arrive on campus without the consent of the principal or career center director. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to drive a car on an errand for a teacher without the express consent of an administrator. Students arriving late must sign-in the office, and students leaving school before the scheduled end of the school day must sign out of the office. Students who arrive late or who wish to leave early must have parental verification in the form of a written note or telephone call to the principal; otherwise, they will be considered truant for those hours during which they are absent.

Saturday School is available every Saturday or as needed from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and at other times on an “as needed” basis for students. Students who have unavoidable Saturday conflicts must have their need for an alternative date approved by building administration.
1. One Saturday School day is the equivalent of one regular school day.
2. One after school detention (1 hour) is equivalent to one hour of absence.
3. Students have two Saturday detentions following an absence to make it up, after which the absence may not be made up without special consent from building administration.
4. Saturday School to make up days missed is not mandatory; rather, it is a voluntary program for students wishing to make up credit due to excessive absences.

Macon County R-1 DRESS CODE
Kindergarten through Grade 12
The Macon County R-1 School District encourages all students to dress in a manner reflecting good taste and an appropriate style for school attendance. It is expected that student dress will not disrupt the educational process nor constitute a health or safety hazard or violate district policy.

Recognizing that some students may abuse dress privileges, the following limitations are examples of dress restrictions that will be enforced. Administration has final say on appropriate dress and attire.
• Halter-tops, backless clothing, see through garments or bare midriffs are not allowed.
• Shorts, dresses, skirts and shorts are expected to be appropriate in length at school.
• Hats, headbands, head coverings, sunglasses and bandanas are not allowed.
• “Sagging” is not allowed. Pants must cover undergarments at all times.
• Clothing or jewelry with inappropriate or suggestive language, phrases, pictures, or clothing with dual meanings or innuendoes are not allowed.
• Clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia is not allowed.
• Jewelry and chains that are distracting and dangerous are not allowed.
• Clothing promoting or glorifying death or destruction of life is not allowed.
• “Spaghetti” straps or tank top shirts are not allowed unless worn with a sleeved or sleeveless shirt. Tops that hang excessively low below the neck or underarms or have open shoulders will be considered tank tops. Tops that do not hang excessively low will be considered appropriate sleeveless tops.
• Teachers of specific courses where health or safety is a factor may require students to adjust hair, clothing or both according to the needs of the class.

Macon R-I is committed to moving students and staff forward in a 21st century learning environment. Students are expected to comply with all rules set in the Macon R-I Acceptable Use of Internet/Electronic Communications Policy (BYOD). High school students and staff are allowed to use the Macon R-I wireless network using their own technology devices (laptops, Smart Phones, iPads, etc.) during the learning day per teacher approval. Students may access their own technology devices before and after school, in the cafeteria area during lunch time, and during bell change times. Use of technology devices in bathrooms and in locker rooms is prohibited. Students may only use their own technology devices during the learning day per teacher approval. Students are not called out of class for telephone calls except in cases of emergency. Parents should call the high school office if they need to get in touch with their son or daughter. Students are required to turn off cell phones during the regular scheduled school day unless otherwise instructed. If cell phones/technology devices are being used in an inappropriate manner during the regularly scheduled school day they will be confiscated. If a student is instructed to not use technology devices/cell phone during class time and they knowingly violate the rule, the technology device/cell phone will be confiscated and turned into the office.
• First Offense: The phone/technology device will be confiscated and kept in the office for the rest of the school day. The phone/technology device will then be released to the student. The student will be assigned a Saturday detention.
• Second Offense: The phone/technology device will be confiscated and kept in the office for the rest of the school day. The phone/technology device will then be released to the student. The student will be assigned 2 Saturday detentions
• Third Offense: The student will be assigned 3 Saturday detentions.

Each offense after the third would result in one more additional Saturday detention. If students are assigned a Saturday detention for violating the cell phone/technology device guidelines and don’t serve the assigned detention they will be assigned a day of out of school suspension. If parents or students request it, cell phones/technology devices may be left in the office in lieu of serving a Saturday detention or a Saturday detention or Saturday detention(s).
• First Offense: Two week days in the office not including the day it was taken.
• Second Offense: Four weekdays in the office not including the day it was taken.
• Third Offense: Third offenses for cell phones/technology devices and beyond will serve the suspension assigned. (Students must prove they have turned in a working phone if they choose to leave a phone in the office.) Only week days will count towards the days a phone/technology device is kept in the office. (Weekends will not count) Phones/technology devices will not be returned early.
This policy will start at the beginning of each school year and accumulate for the entire school year.

Only students of the school and employees doing school business are permitted in the building. Others, having business in the building, must check into the high school office. School age visitors, toddlers, or infants are not permitted on campus unless accompanying a parent who has checked in through the office.

A weighted grades program was adopted by the board of education in the spring of 2010. The following is how the program works.

• All graduating classes will use the weighted grade system listed below.
• Weighted classes are any dual credit course offered by Macon High School or the Macon Career Center.
• The grade scale being used for weighted classes will add 0.33 to any letter grade received in a weighted class compared to a non-weighted class:
Grade Weighted Class
96-100% A 4.33
90-95% A- 4.00
87-89% B+ 3.67
83-86% B 3.33
80-82% B- 3.00
77-79% C+ 2.67
73-76% C 2.33
70-72% C- 2.00
67-69% D+ 1.67
63-66% D 1.33
60-62% D- 1.00
0-59% F 0.00
Anyone taking a weighted course (whether you take it for dual credit or not) will receive grade points based on the weighted grading scale.

Academic honors are figured on the total number of credits taken. Students and parents need to understand that taking more or less credits, both weighted and un-weighted, will affect the final grade point average. If you have any questions, consult with the counselor’s office.

Macon High School juniors and seniors must complete a college day absence form prior to the date of the proposed college visit. The form, signed by the student’s parent or guardian, must be presented at the high school office prior to the college visit. Juniors and seniors are allowed one per semester or a total of two visits during their junior or senior years combined. The bottom portion of the form must be signed by a college official verifying the college visit. This completed form must be returned to the high school office on the day the student returns to school. If the student fails to complete the forms and follow the outlined procedure the student will be considered absent on that day of school. College Day Absence Forms may be obtained in the high school office or guidance office.

Eligibility Requirements for MSHSAA Events
Students must earn three or more credits each semester to be eligible for any event sponsored by the Missouri State High School Athletic Association. (MSHSAA) (This would include athletics, band, choir etc.)

Fall Sports & Marching Band
Fall high school sports practice started for softball, girl’s golf and football on Aug. 3. Contact the high school office for more information. Students must have a current physical and proof of insurance before they will be allowed to participate in any practices. Marching Band started their practices on July 20.

Upcoming Events
High School Pictures: September 17
Senior Composite Pictures: September 25
Homecoming: September 25
Courtwarming: February 5
Prom: April 30
Baccaluareate May 15
Commencement: May 22

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the high school office at 385-5748. Best wishes for an enjoyable conclusion to the summer break!